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Constantinapolian Blizzard

Güncelleme tarihi: 27 Şub

It’s 2022. It was 2015 when it first happened. Even today you can see its reminiscences when you look at the old buildings, whom didn’t undergone any reconstruction. Dents on the insulation, facing north. Dents on old cars, mostly visible on the hoods. People waited long lines in the mechanics just to get them fixed. It wasn’t cheap, some of them never did. I was sitting in my apartment when it first happened, watching the dark clouds. First it was a sudden rain; pouring down all over all of a sudden, washing the street away, no dry spot to step. Cars trying to see where they are going while streams of water flooding away like a river down the alley. People looking for a dry place to rest their bones. Everybody outside in a hurry. People inside watching outside, with horror alongside cheer. Then came the darker clouds. Darker than you thought it could get any darker. Carried the sudden ice amongst them. Walnut sized hailstones. Ice spheres banging windows dreadfully. People getting hurt outside, trying to cover their head with their forearms miserably. Windows being shattered, trees falling down onto cars, smashing their roof. I remember the flower pot getting broken in front of me, outside the window, as a result of a stray bullet of ice, one of many. What a pity, its the first time; nobody knew they should of stayed away from the windows. Watching up close curiously, the disaster outside. Everybody was shocked back then. Looking at the damage, which never happened before. Just by a hailstorm occurred in the middle of the summer. But this wasn’t the surprising part. People repainted their buildings, fixed their cars as much as they can. Then it happened again the next year. People were prepared this time. They put rugs on top of the cars to protect them. They closed their window shades. Unexpectedly, shades got broken by the hits and rugs didn’t suffice. Then the next year came, and it happened again. Government announced a code yellow, a code which I did not heard of before. Not to get outside unless its an emergency. From looking back now; I don’t know whether there was a yellow code before these events or not. All I know is that I learned it from that day on. And it kept in use. This year alongside the code, they announced it was prohibited for bikes to get out whether motored or not. Due to serious gusts of wind during the annual hailstorm heavy rain. It's 2022 and we are used to it now. In 2015 it was a shocking thing. Climate changing like it never has. Showing effects immediately. Now its just the annual midsummer storm, only getting worse. Surprising thing is we got used to it. I don’t know how, but this story of a post-apocalyptic Istanbul is real and we are living in it. Just not questioning. Why? How? I do not know.

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